The specter of closure dominates the world again… and London is heading to cancel “Christmas”


The specter of a general closure has returned to dominate the world again, due to the high number of infections with the “Corona” virus, while the press and media in Britain have begun to talk about the possibility that the government in London will take a decision to impose a general closure during the Christmas period only about two months from now, and that To control the large increase in the number of injuries simultaneously With the emergence of a new mutated strain, it is believed that it can overcome vaccines.

British experts and doctors have expected that the government in London is likely to resort to imposing a new general closure in the country during the Christmas period.

Professor Peter Openshaw, a member of the Advisory Group on Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats, told the BBC that the current numbers of infections and deaths were “unacceptable, and called for the need to impose some measures” such as encouraging citizens to work from home and wear masks as part of control efforts. on the spread of the epidemic.

He added, “There is no point in postponing the imposition of precautionary measures, because if we delay in taking these measures now, we will have to impose more severe measures later,” noting that “the speed of reaction is very important if we want to control the situation.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had rejected calls from NHS officials and the British Medical Association to speed up the imposition of tougher restrictions to curb the upward curve of cases and deaths, saying that “there are absolutely no indications that these restrictions will be put on the table now.”

And British Health Minister Sajid Javid had warned a few days ago that the number of cases may double from 50,000 cases per day at the present time to about 100,000 cases per day during the winter season.

It is worth noting that Britain lifted, in mid-July, all the precautionary restrictions that were imposed due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, after it was able to fully vaccinate more than 80 percent of adults.

Britain is one of the countries most affected by the epidemic, with about 8.7 million people infected with the epidemic since its outbreak in March last year, while about 140,000 people died in Britain affected by the virus.


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