The social media audience mocks the drama and scenes of the eighties series.. Video


Although the eighties and nineties were described as the brightest periods of Egyptian drama, it was not spared from the social media audience today, as the pioneers of social networking sites “Comics” circulate to ridicule some previous dramas or films..

But we cannot deny that these works won the admiration of a wide audience when they were shown, at a time when social media had not yet appeared, and in the following lines we shed light on the most prominent of those scenes that the audience mocked.

The artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi mocked himself, in the scene of his body with the artist Iman, on one of the television evenings, entitled “Your Tongue Your Horse”, a scene that was ridiculed by the pioneers of social networking sites, and “Abdel Baqi” published a video in which he watched the scene and laughed at his performance, commenting: Why was I? Like that!”

Khaled Al-Nabawy, during his hosting with the “Abla Fahita” program, commented on the famous scene that Ghada Abdel Razek collected in the series “Massour Principle”, which turned into a subject for ridicule on social networking sites, and said: Director Khairy Bishara liked to improvise very much, and the scene was amazing .. and happy that People are laughing at the scene until today.”

The artist, Kamal Abu Raya, revealed the scenes of the love story of Azmi and Ashgan, which he presented with the artist, Fifi Abdo, in the series “The Love Bird.”“.During the DMC evening program, presented by the journalist Rami Radwan, Abu Raya responded to people’s ridicule on the social media on the scenes that brought him together with the artist, Fifi Abdo, saying: “I do not see anything in it. It does not bother me, on the contrary, it makes me laugh, and I see it as a series like many good works.”

And he confirmed during his hosting with Amr El-Leithi in another interview: “I regret the series” Love Bird”, and if he had the hand, he would have issued the death sentence for this work.

The social media audience also falls out of Afaf Shoaib’s scene in the series “Al-Kif”, that scene in which she asks her son, Basem Samra, to give her one of the tramadol pills in which he trades, and despite her intense crying and anger at the condition that she has become after her addiction, the matter did not It is ridiculed by followers on social media.

On top of those scenes is a scene that the artist Ahmed Abdel Aziz denied in the series “Souk Al-Asr” by tying a handkerchief on his head and in this way he was able to enter the area without anyone recognizing him, and even spoke for a while with his brothers without them knowing that he was their brother Mansour, after which they were able to identify him Astonishment rose on their faces after he removed the handkerchief from his head, only to discover that he was their brother.


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