The secret of the malfunction that hit “Netflix” for an hour and affected thousands of users


The American digital platform, “Netflix”, returned to work again, after an hour-long outage on Monday, affecting thousands of its subscribers around the world.More than half of the reports on the website Down Detector indicated that there were problems with the streaming service’s website, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

The outage occurred in America along with other countries such as China (where it is only available with VPN), Canada and many other countries in Europe.
Users were experiencing slow or no service at all, depending on their location, forcing the thousands who were still working from home to log out of their accounts and the site would actually work after them.Despite thousands of reports of crashes, the Netflix support site showed no issues with the service.

Users shared specific error codes on Downdetector that appeared in front of them, one of them “tvq-st-145” means that a network connection problem is preventing the computer from accessing “Netflix”, and others saw the error code “ui-113”, which indicates There is information stored on the user’s device that needs to be refreshed in order for Netflix to function properly.It is noteworthy that the “Netflix” network made headlines recently after the success of its series “Squid Game”, which is the most famous original series on the platform, which achieved international success when it was launched last month.

Source: Sputnik


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