The Saudi national team advances 7 places in the monthly FIFA rankings


The International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) announced today, Thursday, the monthly classification of the national teams.

The Saudi team advanced 7 places and ranked 49th in the world and sixth in the Asian continent.

Iran topped the rankings in Asia, followed by Japan, Australia, South Korea and Qatar.

While Egypt and Morocco advanced 4 places, Morocco ranked third in Africa and 29 globally, Egypt ranked sixth in Africa and 44 globally. As for the Tunisian team, it ranked second at the level of Africa and 27 globally, and Senegal was at the forefront of the classification of African teams.

Algeria ranked third in the Arab world and fourth in Africa, after maintaining its 30th rank in the world.

France returned to the top three in the FIFA rankings after winning the European Nations League about ten days ago.

The roosters advanced from fourth place to third place in the world rankings behind the leaders Belgium and the runners-up Brazil.

France beat Belgium in the semi-finals of the European Nations League, before defeating Spain in the final of the second edition of the tournament.

Belgium maintained its lead, only 12 points behind Brazil, despite losing the Nations League third-place match against Italy, which advanced to fourth place.

England fell from third to fifth, and Spain advanced one place to seventh, behind Argentina, who ranked sixth.

Portugal ranked eighth, followed by Mexico in ninth, and Denmark in tenth.



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