The resignation of the Syrian Federation with an “extraordinary conference”


Damascus (AFP)

The General Sports Federation, the highest sports authority in Syria, decided in a circular to hold an extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly of the Football Association next Tuesday, provided that the acceptance of the resignation of the president and members of the federation will be addressed, following the negative results in the decisive role of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.
The General Sports Federation stated that the meeting will address two main points, namely “voting to accept the resignations of the president and members of the Football Association and approving the formation of a temporary committee charged with running the affairs of the federation and preparing for the conduct of the electoral conference for the next board of directors of the Federation within a period of three to six months.”
The statement did not mention how and when the Football Association headed by Hatem Al-Ghayeb submitted his resignation, which was reported to have taken place after the Syrian team lost 2-3 to its Lebanese counterpart in Amman, within the fourth round of the first Asian group competitions of the third decisive round qualifying for the 2022 World Cup.
The Syrian team occupies the last sixth place in the group with one point, compared to 10 points for the leader Iran, 8 points for South Korea, 5 points for Lebanon, and 3 for the United Arab Emirates and Iraq.


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