“The price of gasoline will definitely rise” .. Will it reach 400,000 pounds?


The financial and economic expert, Antoine Farah, confirmed that “the price of a can of gasoline will rise to be parallel to the margin of the world price, but I do not think that the price of the canister will reach 400 thousand Lebanese pounds.”In an interview with him on the “Al-Jadeed” channel, Farah pointed out that “losses are the easiest aspect of the number, but the philosophy of distributing losses is the most difficult, and the financial meeting of the rescue plan in the Banque du Liban has implications, as the central bank has a vital role in addressing the crisis.”

He continued, “The main topics that the Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund, Mahmoud Mohieldin, spoke about are public finance, and the largest component of it will be the social component. The most important consideration for international institutions is the human aspect.”

He added, “The acceleration of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund is in the hands of the Lebanese state. The international community publicly, according to my data, is “urgent”, but it first needs reform steps by the government.”And he added, “The international community is betting that the axis consisting of Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement will lose the parliamentary majority and that a new axis of civil society will emerge to embarrass the political forces with regard to their performance.”

He said, “The acceptable minimum wage today should be 3 million Lebanese pounds, and a dollar should be secured to subsidize gasoline.”


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