The most prominent 7 songs of Majed Al Mohandes on his 50th birthday


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Cairo – Samia Sayed – Today, the 25th of October, coincides with the 50th birthday of the singing star, Majed Al Mohandes, who is considered one of the most important singers in the Arab world and is called the Prince of Arab Singing. A large number of his fans were keen to celebrate his birthday today, after they remembered his most prominent songs He sang it throughout a long artistic career for years, during which he became one of the most important stars of singing and rap, with his own charisma and a lyrical form that distinguishes him, as appears in the following lines, in which we highlight a group of his most prominent songs on his birthday.

Majed El Mohandes

“with ur love”

The beginning of the song “I Love You”, which was included in the movie 122, which was shown in 2019, starring Tarek Lotfi, Ahmed Daoud, Amina Khalil.


Another song from Majid Al Mohandes’ songs, which enjoys great success among his songs, as it was released this year 2021.

the song “confess”

Another song from his most prominent songs, and he achieved great success when he sang a duet with singer Amal Maher.

I yearn

One of his most prominent songs, which is admired by a large segment of his audience, is considered one of his masterpieces, the song “I Hanit”, which he presented as a video clip, which caused a sensation at the time after achieving great reactions following the success of the song.

The song “Calling You”

Also, “You’re Calling” is one of the most beautiful songs of the singer Majid Al Mohandes, who sang it in his career full of many songs, which is evident in the song’s viewership numbers on YouTube, where it has approached 80 million views in two years.

“By God, I miss death”

Despite the passage of a long period of time since the song “God Wahshni Death”, it enjoys a great place among fans of Majed Al Mohandes.

Song “I Sign You A Contract”

Finally, comes the song “Oqalak Aqd”, which was presented by singer Majid Al Mohandes this year, and it achieved great success.


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