The moment of the rise of the film team "feathers" Winner of two prizes at the Cannes Festival at El Gouna Theater – Masrawy


  1. The moment the film crew of the film “Feather”, which won two prizes at the Cannes Film Festival, rises at El Gouna TheaterMasrawy
  2. Summary of the third day of El Gouna Festival.. The movie “Captains of Zaatari”, the most prominent performances and stars are waiting for Darren AronofskyHey . magazine
  3. El Gouna Festival.. First Boshra to attend the screening of the movie “Captains of Zaatari”Masrawy-Masrawy
  4. See all the “movements” of Mayan El-Sayed on the El Gouna red carpet… and the “crazy” of photographers | albumin art
  5. Bushra with two different looks on the red carpet and a bag with the name of a famous world seriesthe seventh day
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