The Ministry of Internal Trade sets gas sales prices outside the smart card


The Ministry of Interior and Consumer Protection has set the selling price of a “butane” gas cylinder for consumers and for all sectors outside the smart card.

Today, Sunday, October 24, the ministry said that the price of a domestic gas cylinder was set at 30,600 Syrian pounds, (equivalent to $8.50).

It also set the price of an industrial gas cylinder at 49,000 Syrian pounds (equivalent to 14 US dollars) when selling to consumers and to all sectors outside the electronic card, according to what the Syrian News Agency reported (sana).

The Ministry of Internal Trade told the local newspaper, Al-Watan, that this price does not include the cylinders sold through the electronic card.

The price was considered to put an end to traffickers and manipulators in the price, weight and specifications of the gas cylinder.

According to what Enab Baladi monitored, one family has the right to receive one cylinder (jar) of natural gas every 90 days at a price of 3850 Syrian pounds, via the smart card, but the possibility of receiving the message to receive the cylinder through the “smart card” is delayed for periods that may reach more than 60 days. additionally.

The price of a kilogram of liquid gas reached 13,000 Syrian pounds (3.7 dollars), while the price of a cylinder reached 120,000 Syrian pounds (about 35 dollars), and its subsidized price is 3850 pounds, but it reaches the consumer at 5,000 pounds (about 1.5 dollars) after calculating the wages Transportation and Profit approved.


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