The mighty Civic from Honda show a new look!


The mighty Civic from Honda show a new look!

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Despite its great popularity and excellent sales, Honda decided to make the Civic more attractive and announced new models of it with distinctive specifications.

The new Civic Si cars have received many modifications that give them a sportier appearance and a more powerful shape compared to the previous Civic versions, in which the design of the radiator grille on the front end was changed, and modifications were made to the designs of air vents and shock absorbers, and an air wing was installed on its rear chassis to increase stability on the At high speeds, it was also equipped with 18-inch sports wheels, designed to reduce air resistance.

These cars got bigger and stronger brake discs compared to those in previous Civic cars, and more durable suspension systems as well, as well as the torsional rigidity of their structures increased by about 8%.

As for the interior, these vehicles came with a more distinctive design for the driving interface, as well as new comfortable seats, a gearbox with a distinctive sporty design, and the capabilities of audio, multimedia and interior lighting systems have been developed.

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A new competitor for Kia and Hyundai enters the market soon

These cars will be offered with 1.5-liter turbocharged engines capable of generating 203 horsepower, and these engines will work with mechanical and automatic gearboxes, front and four-wheel drive systems.

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