The marriage of Al-Waleed Miqdad’s brother to a famous artist shocked the followers… and this is the age difference between them!


The pioneers of social networking sites shared the news of the marriage of Al-Mu’tasim Billah, the brother of the star of the channel “heavens’ Birds​” ​Alwaleed Miqdad, From the Jordanian artist Amal Kitami, Star channel “Karamish​”.

This news has raised controversy and shock observers, as they did not believe, commented about the age difference one of whom between them: “It is impossible to marry a private duo hope that greater than Asoma year, as she does not like his mother Marwa Hammad.”
Another wrote: “Amal Talat and insulted the wife of Uncle Khaled to the sky, but we remind you, O Asumi.”​
The family of the founder of the “Birds of Paradise” channel, Khaled Miqdad, decided to leave Turkey and go to their headquarters to Kuwait, after Al-Waleed Miqdad traveled there a few days ago with his wife, Nour Ghassan.
وكشفAl-Mu’tasim Billah MiqdadTravel equipment, buy many sweets for their knowledge in Kuwait.


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