The Lebanese army comments on a video showing a military targeting demonstrators in Tayouneh


The Lebanese Army Command issues a statement commenting on the circulated video clip, which shows a military man firing at demonstrators in Tayouneh.

  • Lebanese Army Command:
    The army command said that “the soldier who fired the gun is under investigation under the supervision of the competent judiciary.”

Today, Saturday, the Lebanese Army Command issued a statement regarding a video spread on social media showing a military targeting Demonstrators in the Tayouneh area In Beirut last Thursday, during their protest against the politicization of the Port of Beirut case file.

And she said in her statement: “Videos spread on social media showing a soldier firing at protesters during the clashes that erupted two days ago in the Tayouneh area. It is important for the army leadership to clarify that the shooter is under investigation under the supervision of the competent judiciary.”

A video clip taken by a surveillance camera has spread on social media today, showing a Lebanese army soldier shooting at a group of participants in the peaceful demonstration that took place in the Tayouneh area two days ago.

And on Friday, Lebanese Shiites، Seven Martyrs Those who rose in an ambush, after snipers opened fire from the roofs of the buildings in which they were fortified, at unarmed peaceful protesters in the Tayouneh area in the capital, Beirut, protesting against the politicization of the port case file.

The Lebanese army source confirmed 19 people arrested A number of them admitted to preparing the ambush for the Tayouneh events, while accused The leaders of the “Amal” movement and Hezbollah and the Lebanese Forces party armed attacks on the protesters.

For his part, the Lebanese President, General Michel Aoun, condemned, in a speech last Thursday,:weapon languageAnd he vowed to “hold those responsible and instigators of the murder accountable.”

Anddenounced former prime ministers The tragic events of Tayouneh, and expressed their “deep shock and deep regret, and their complete condemnation of the reprehensible events, which claimed a number of victims.”


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