The latest developments in Mahmoud Al-Khatib’s health condition


The medical team treating Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club, which includes both Dr. Hazem Yassin and Dr. Ahmed Farhoud, revealed that his condition is reassuring after the multiple examinations and x-rays he conducted in a major hospital, and that the health illness he was exposed to was due to a lack of blood circulation. For the eye course, it led to a problem with vision in the right eye, in addition to general fatigue as a result of high blood pressure and exposure to great pressure.

The medical team conducted full examinations of Mahmoud Al-Khatib, as well as x-rays to ensure the integrity of the brain’s arteries. After that, a consultation was held with the French doctor who has been supervising his treatment for several years, and his health condition was reassured, but he is still in the hospital.

The medical team stressed the need for the president of Al-Ahly to rest and stay away from nervous pressure while adhering to drug treatment.

For his part, Mahmoud Al-Khatib thanked Dr. Hazem Yassin, who did not leave him for a single moment, and was keen to personally supervise all treatment matters, as well as Dr. Ahmed Farhoud, who came from Alexandria urgently to follow up on the case, and both made every effort for the comfort of the Al-Ahly President, Who praised the good spirit of them and the great attention on the part of the two doctors who deserve all the greetings and appreciation.



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