The initial agreement was completed .. Barcelona is close to renewing Fati’s contract


Barcelona is close to renewing Ansu Fati’s contract.

Barcelona has reached a preliminary agreement with Jorge Mendes, the agent of Ansu Fati, the star of the team, to extend his current contract, which expires in June 2022.

Barcelona already has a clause in Fati’s current contract that allows him to extend it for another two years, but unilaterally, but the Blaugrana administration did not want to use it. Rather, the player, who is considered strategic for the club’s present and future, was encouraged to reach a friendly agreement.

During the last period, Barcelona faced complications in renewing Ansu Fati’s contract. For more details: Disclosure of the details of the dispute between Fati and Barcelona in the terms of the new contract!

But the Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” confirmed that the agreement had already been made, after a meeting between Mendes and Matteo Alemani, Barcelona’s director of football, which took place in the Portuguese city of Porto.

Alemani and because of Barcelona’s apparent desire for Fati to continue, he decided to head to Portugal to make an offer to Mendes, in line with what the same agent had requested on behalf of Ansu and his family.

What are the details of the new agreement between Barcelona and Fati?

The Spanish newspaper indicated that the principle of the agreement is that the new contract will extend for the next five seasons.

The term of the new contract was at the request of Ansu Fati himself, which Mendes transferred to the Barcelona administration.

The Portuguese agent has always been convinced that the best thing for Fati is to continue at Barcelona, ​​where he is seen as a project leader for the present and the future.

When will the renewal of Fati’s contract be announced?

Barcelona has been working with Mendes for more than two months to renew Ansu Fati’s contract, but contacts have become intense in recent weeks.

Mendes was in Barcelona last week and held meetings with the Fati family to get to know their requests.

Subsequently, the Portuguese business agent conveyed the player’s requests to the club.

Barcelona set itself a challenge in trying to close the renewal with Ansu Fati before the Clasico against Real Madrid on October 24.

Now, with Alemani’s trip to Porto and a meeting with Ansu Fati’s agent, the initial agreement has been closed, with a contract until the end of the current season plus five seasons to come.

It remains only to sign the contracts, which Mendes ratified by the Ansu Fati family, and sign them by the player.

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