The “fifth generation” is the centerpiece of advanced communications solutions and digitization


The CEO of “Emirates Telecom”, Masoud Mohamed Sherif Mahmoud, said that “the fifth generation technology (5G) is the focus of advanced communications solutions and digitization,” noting that the company has taken great steps over the past decades to contribute pivotally to the digitization of services for various sectors. And transforming the methods and patterns of business, learning and entertainment, to comply with the trends of digital transformation and the requirements of the current and future stage.

Mahmoud added, in an interview with the media on the sidelines of GITEX Global 2021, that “the company is moving at a steady pace and supported by the foundations of innovation, with the aim of enhancing customer experiences and active participation in supporting the most prominent events witnessed by the country, and providing it with the latest communication networks and smart services, which reflect To the whole world, the extent of the progress of the communications and information technology sector in the country.”

Mahmoud stated that Etisalat presents, in its pavilion at GITEX, a future glimpse into the sectors of transportation, healthcare, retail, education, home entertainment and business, which showcases the uses of the fifth generation network across these sectors.

He pointed out that “robots” similar to humans will interact with visitors to the pavilion, explaining that “robots” equipped with fifth-generation technologies can support industrial operations with virtual reality technologies.

He stated that visitors can also glimpse the future of health care using “robots” that help in complex and sensitive procedures, and visitors can see the role of “robot” technologies, during the post-pandemic era in making education an interactive experience, and also redefining the smart home. immersive technologies.

On the role of “Etisalat” in the “Expo 2020 Dubai”, Mahmoud said: “(Etisalat) worked to make the site of the event the fastest, smartest and most connected on earth, so that visitors can enjoy a smooth and advanced digital experience, through a modern and secure network with comprehensive coverage that has been built. Specifically to meet the requirements of the exhibition and all participating pavilions and visitors.”

Regarding the contribution of Etisalat’s digital capabilities to promoting innovation internally and externally, Mahmoud stated that the company’s focus is on enabling comprehensive digital services, through the leadership of artificial intelligence and automation, and activating the digital experience of customers while increasing the use of artificial intelligence in customer interactions.

Mahmoud indicated that there are “robots” working to automate office support operations to conduct more than 800,000 transactions per month, pointing out that the automation of “robotic” operations achieved an efficiency of 98%, and allowed employees to switch to innovative approaches and communicate with customers to enhance their experience.

Regarding Etisalat’s efforts to train and qualify the next generation of Emirati leaders on future technologies, Mahmoud said: “The company is currently focusing on investing in work teams and attracting talent to support the company’s digital transformation process.”

He added, “The focus is also on empowering our current workforce and searching for specialized skill sets, such as scientists, data specialists, software engineers and experts in various sectors and disciplines.”


Etisalat Emirates CEO, Masoud Mohamed Sharif Mahmoud, confirmed that innovation has now become an integral part of Etisalat’s operations, and an essential element in everything we do inside and outside the company, noting that Etisalat established the Open Innovation Center in Dubai. Abu Dhabi is part of the “Future Now” program, to be a window into the future to witness and experience all the foundations of innovation and how Etisalat Digital is leading the digital transformation journey.

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