The elected government will continue the path of withdrawing mercenaries


Libya’s Foreign Minister, Najla al-Manqoush, said in an exclusive interview with “Al Arabiya” channel, that the elected government will continue the path of withdrawing mercenaries and foreign forces.

The inscription stated that “insist on All mercenaries out It will be an obstacle to the elections, because the exit of mercenaries is a complex file, and it will not happen in one day.”

The Libyan Foreign Minister explained that “the withdrawal of 20% of mercenaries before the elections will be a factor of confidence.”

From the conference to support the stability of Libya

From the conference to support the stability of Libya

She stressed that “the Libyan government has played its role regarding the elections, and we are awaiting the parliament’s role.”

Al-Manqush also praised the role of the 5 + 5 Libyan Military Committee, which brought together the East and the West.

On Friday, the United Nations announced The arrival of the first group of observers Its affiliates are to the capital, Tripoli, to help the Libyan parties monitor and implement the ceasefire.

Last February, the UN Security Council unanimously approved a decision to send an international team consisting of 60 observers, to monitor the implementation of the ceasefire agreement in Libya, at the request of the 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee, to deploy civilian and unarmed observers from the African Union and the Union European Union and the Arab League.

Seven months later, the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Rosemary DiCarlo, said that “the first group arrived in Tripoli to support the ceasefire monitoring mechanism,” noting that the monitoring mechanism “will be Libyan-led.”

In her interview with Al-Arabiya, Al-Manqoush stressed that the holding of the Libya Stability Conference in Tripoli on Thursday confirmed that the country is recovering.

The Libyan Presidential Council stated, on Thursday, that its President, Muhammad Al-Manfi, and the head of the United Nations delegation participating in the Libya Stability Conference, DiCarlo, stressed during a meeting in Tripoli that the presidential and parliamentary elections will be held simultaneously and on schedule.

Muhammad Al-Manfi (Reuters)

Muhammad al-Manfi (Reuters)

In a statement, the council said that the United Nations’ contribution to supporting the elections and following up on the results of the work of the joint military committee in the file of removing mercenaries and foreign fighters from all Libyan territories was emphasized.

The statement pointed out that DiCarlo highlighted that the convening of the Libya Stability Conference “is an important political message for all.”

On the relationship between Tripoli and Washington, the Libyan Foreign Minister also told Al Arabiya that the US policy realizes that the stability of Libya is important to the region, and added that the administration of US President Joe Biden has a positive weight in support of the elections.

Al-Manqoush told Al-Arabiya that some do not understand her statements, noting that many do not understand the complexities of the Libyan situation.


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