The Egyptian government denies collecting fines from university students who did not receive the Corona vaccine


Cairo – Mubasher: The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Egypt denied the news that spread about the issuance of a decision to collect financial fines from university students who did not receive the Corona vaccine.

In its response to the media center of the Council of Ministers, issued in a statement today, the ministry confirmed that there is no truth to a decision to collect financial fines from university students who do not have the Corona vaccine, and that no decisions have been issued in this regard.

She explained that the procedures that the universities will follow if the student does not receive the Corona virus vaccine, will not include the collection of any financial fines from the students, but will consist in not allowing entry to the university campus, except after submitting a certificate proving obtaining the vaccine, and in the event that the student does not receive the vaccine. can perform an analysisPCRIt is presented weekly, with an emphasis on the commitment to applying all precautionary measures to prevent the Corona virus, appealing to students who have not received the vaccine to quickly go to any of the specified vaccination points inside universities that are designated for students to obtain the vaccine.

In a related context, about 1.2 million doses of the Corona virus vaccine were provided in universities, until October 16, 2021, among faculty members and their assistants, as well as workers and students, through 302 vaccination centers that were equipped in 60 universities, while the number of university hospitals Dedicated to providing sanitary and therapeutic isolation services for cases of infection with the emerging coronavirus, which is currently providing the service, there are 26 hospitals affiliated with 18 universities, equipped with about 1,637 beds, 700 intensive care rooms, and 526 respirators, in addition to 36 other hospitals ready to enter service At any time, it is affiliated with 19 universities, and equipped with 6,397 beds, 712 intensive care rooms, and 902 respirators.


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