The dispute of Haifa Wehbe and Muhammad Waziri to the fore.. The court issues a new verdict against him


The dispute between the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe and her former business manager, Mohamed Waziri, has returned to the fore, after an Egyptian court issued a new ruling against him.

In the details, the Misdemeanor Court of Qasr al-Nil in Egypt ordered the imprisonment of two ministers for 3 years, enforceable, on charges of breach of trust, according to the Egyptian “Akhyar Al-Youm Gate”.

And Yasser Kantoush, Haifa Wehbe’s lawyer in Egypt, published a statement on his Twitter account explaining the details of the ruling, which stipulates “his imprisonment for 3 years and a guarantee of 50 thousand Egyptian pounds and 50 thousand and one temporary compensation.”

The statement continued, “The accused came from his prison to hear the verdict,” and the statement pointed out that “with the new ruling, the total sentences against my ministers will be 8 years.”

Lawyer Yasser Kantoush concluded his statement by emphasizing that “new rulings will be issued soon against the accused.”


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