The discovery of fossils of the oldest herd of dinosaurs dating back to the Jurassic period, about 193 million years ago


Researchers from Argentina, the United States and South Africa have found the remains and remains of a group of dinosaurs, dating back to… The early Jurassic period, about 193 million years ago, in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina.

Paleontologists have discovered more than 100 eggs and about 80 skeletons of small and large Mossaurs and herbivorous sauropods, as well as the distant ancestors of sauropods such as Diplodocus and Argentinosaurus.“, according to the Russian news agency Sputnik.

Scientists explained that photography X-rays showed that all the eggs contained “Mosaurus”, and it turned out that they were grouped in two or three rows within specially dug “trenches”, indicating the presence of a certain life system of dinosaurs.

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Scientists analyzed the size and age of the bone tissue of Mossauer’s skeletons in order to determine their age. In addition, they analyzed the same formation, and fossils were found in different areas in the same place, indicating that Mossore had reached the same point over the course of many mating seasons..

The scientists noted that the fossils were grouped by age, while eggs and newly hatched individuals were found in one place, and the skeletons of young animals in another place, and the researchers were able to isolate a group of 11 individuals under the age of a year.

The scientists found the skeletons of adults “alone or in pairs” separately, but in the same area they are about a square kilometer in size. All this led researchers to assume that Mossore lived in herds, but he tried to classify the herd by age.

Scientists managed to Determining the age of the fossils, by analyzing samples of volcanic ash, which contained the mineral zircon, according to the ratio of isotopes of uranium and lead, and scientists concluded that the age of the fossilized structures is 193 million years, The researchers noted that most likely, the herd died during a flood, and then was covered with ash from an eruption of a volcano.

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