The director of the movie “Rishes” on accusing his movie of insulting Egypt: The beauty of cinema lies in the difference (video)


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A scene from the movie “feathers” directed by Omar Al-Zuhairi

Omar Al-Zuhairi, director of the movie “Rishes”, which won the award for the best Arab feature film at the El Gouna Festival, said that any work of art is subject to criticism, discussion and disagreement by critics and viewers.

Al-Zuhairi added on the “Al-Hekaya” program on the “mbc Egypt” satellite channel on Friday evening: “I understand this cinematic criticism and I understand it well and positively.”

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An art critic responds to the accusation of a movie

He continued, “I am happy with the festival’s great appreciation of the human feelings within the film, despite the attack it was subjected to.”

He stressed that Egypt is one of the leading countries in the field of cinema, and it is natural that we accept cinematic criticism, explaining that a large part of the beauty of cinema lies in the different experiences and the selection of the technically appropriate for the show.

Regarding the film’s accusation of insulting Egypt, Omar Al-Zuhairi said, “There are institutions for censoring films, and there is no movie that harms a large country the size of Egypt.”

He stressed that the film is a painful human feeling, and we must hear and see well in order to be able to judge any work.

Source: RT


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