The difficulty of catching Hussein Al-Shahat in the match between Al-Ahly and the National Guard


The chances of catching Hussein Al-Shahat, the first team player in Al-Ahly Club, to participate in the Red Genie match against the National Guard became “very difficult”.

Next Saturday, Al-Ahly will face the National Guard team, the champion of Niger, in the 32nd round of the African Champions League, while the return match will be held in Cairo the following week.

وعلم El-Ahly.comHussein Al-Shahat continued his rehabilitation program during the last training sessions that the team participated in, and did not participate in group training.

According to El-Ahly.comChances of catching El-Shahat in the next match have become difficult, especially if he did not participate in the morning training today, Thursday, which precedes his travel to Niger.

It is noteworthy that Hussein Al-Shahat had suffered a strain in the connective muscle last month, but he recovered from it and returned to participate in group training earlier this month, according to what was announced by Al-Ahly’s doctor in an official statement.

Al-Ahly suffers from several absences in the current period, as it was confirmed that Mohamed El-Shennawy was absent for at least 5 weeks due to a torn hamstring muscle, in addition to the possibility of Salah Mohsen’s absence from the next meeting due to an injury to the face of the foot.

Al-Ahly will participate in a training session this Thursday morning at Mukhtar Al-Teach Stadium, before the mission will fly to Niger headed by Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the director of football.


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