The departure of Khaled Al-Siddiq, the pioneer of Kuwaiti cinema and its nominee for the “Oscar”


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Kuwaiti director Khaled Al-Siddiq passed away at the age of 76, after a career full of important works of art, most notably the films: “Bas Ya Bahr”, “Al Matroud”, “Al-Saqr”, “The Wedding of Al-Zein” and “Shaheen”.

Al-Waleel is a producer, screenwriter and film director, considered the pioneer of the Kuwaiti cinematic movement. His film “Bas Ya Bahr”, which he produced and directed in 1972, was nominated for the “Oscar” for Best Foreign Film at the 45th Academy Awards, the first Kuwaiti film to be nominated for the award.

Al-Siddiq began his working life in the engineering department of Kuwait TV, then became a studio manager and then a director, and his first official assignment was in 1964, when the TV commissioned him to represent Kuwait at the Monte Carlo Festival. After his return, he contributed to the establishment of a television film department that later adopted the cinematic movement in Kuwait.


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