The death of the pioneer of Kuwaiti cinema, director Khaled Al-Siddiq


Nearly half a century after the completion of his most famous movie “Bas Ya Bahr” in 1972, the pioneer of Kuwaiti cinema, director Khaled Al-Siddiq, died at the age of 76, from a long-term illness.

  • The late Kuwaiti director
    The late Kuwaiti director “Khaled Al-Siddiq”

“Producers these days are not inclined to serious business, so I content myself with some small projects to fill the time with the best I can work on in terms of artistic projects.” Bass Ya Bahr”, which was nominated in 1972 for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, Non-English Speaking.

A friendly, calm personality who enjoys a broad general culture. He never liked anything in his life as much as I liked cinema. “However I moved, I found perfect angles in front of me to capture them with the camera, and this always accompanied me, but the circumstances did not serve me as much as I needed.” Nevertheless, he always adapted to the available atmosphere and instead watched extensive films. Al-Jadida, Arab or foreign.” Within this atmosphere, he had several separate stations, Al-Matrod, Al-Saqr, Al-Zein’s wedding, and Shaheen.

In 2010, the State of Kuwait awarded him its Appreciation Award, and he remained the focus of the wonderful example that is given whenever Kuwaiti cinema is discussed, which is considered ahead of the rest of the Gulf cinema productions, especially since it has roots that go back half a century.


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