The death of Kuwaiti director Khaled Al-Siddiq


Kuwaiti film director Khaled Al-Siddiq passed away yesterday at the age of 76 after a long struggle with illness. The media, May Al-Aidan, published a picture of the late via “Instagram”, commenting: “After a march of achievements, the able film director Khaled Al-Siddiq passed away. Do not hesitate to pray for him.”

Al-Siddiq is considered one of the most prominent Gulf directors, and he has many important cinematic works in the history of Kuwait and the Arab Gulf in general, including his movie “Bas Ya Bahr” which was nominated for the “Oscar” award as the best foreign film in 1972, in addition to his movie “The Wedding of Zein”, which It won more than seven international awards, and it premiered in Canada in 1977.

In addition to these works, Al-Siddiq has won many Arab and international awards, most notably the Silver Lion at the Venice Festival, the International Film Critics Award at the Venice Film Festival, and many awards and praises at many festivals in Spain, Chicago and Carthage.


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