“The Crown” defies the royal family.. Show Diana’s interview with Martin Bashir


Netflix plans to portray the late Princess Diana’s controversial encounter with British journalist Martin Bashir in the drama series The Crown.

According to the British “Metro” website, Bashir had a shocking meeting with Diana in 1995, when the Princess of Hearts spoke for the first time about Prince Charles’ romantic relationship with Camilla Parker, and she said in a text: “We were three in this marriage.”

This year, an independent investigation ruled that journalist Martin Bashir had resorted to deceptive tactics to obtain this interview, the BBC issued an official apology, and Prince Harry and William issued statements.

The website quoted a source as saying that the makers of the series “The Crown” see this interview as a pivotal moment in the fifth season, especially that the stormy marriage that brought together Diana and Charles was the main reason for this controversial interview and the events that preceded her death.

The site stated that the interview that brought Diana and Bashir together was watched by more than 20 million people, and shortly after the interview was broadcast, Queen Elizabeth II told Prince Charles and Diana to separate.

During this period, the most important question was how this meeting was arranged, and later it became clear that the journalist resorted to deceptive methods and launched a false bank statement, bypassing the BBC’s own laws.

Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, claimed that before the interview was broadcast, Bashir provided him with false bank statements relating to alleged payments to his sister’s former private secretary and another former member of the royal family by the security services.

The documents falsely indicated that individuals were paid to keep her under surveillance.

The investigation concluded that journalist Bashir’s efforts to secure time with the late Diana in 1995 were in breach of BBC guidelines, something Bashir expressed regret about.

Prince William issued a statement at the time urging that the interview not be shown again, stressing that it caused the pain of many and was the reason for the worsening of the relationship between his parents.

The fifth season of the series “The Crown” is expected to return on Netflix next year, with English actress Imelda Staunton playing the role of Queen Elizabeth II instead of Olivia Colman.


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