The Capital Market Authority warns against those who are not licensed to invest… and issues several alerts


Zone editors:

Today, Saturday, the Capital Market Authority warned against dealing with unauthorized persons in financial investment.

The authority clarified that in case of dealing with unauthorized persons, the mechanism of the procedure should be known through the Investor Protection Guide, which contributes to protecting the investor in the financial market from unfair practices.

The authority issued a set of warnings as follows:

Do not be an additional number in the number of victims of scammers in the name of successful investment, quick profit and additional sources of income effortlessly.

Beware of handing over or transferring funds or savings to any person or company not authorized by the Capital Market Authority.

Most of the ads that arrive via phone, websites, and social media are phishing or fraudulent.

Forging papers and impersonating the names of major companies is a common method practiced by fraudsters to delude victims of the legitimacy of their actions, so caution should be exercised.

Using local bank accounts with real names is a common tactic practiced by fraudsters to deceive victims of the legitimacy of their actions.

Not all financial investments are suitable, so care should be taken to consult specialists.

Beware of unauthorized service providers, and identifiers that are active in providing advice through social media are practicing an infringing act.

– The victim of any wrongful practice must submit his claim to the Committee for the Resolution of Financial Disputes.

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