The “Ain Dubai” wheel opens its doors… and Sheikh Hamdan publishes an amazing video from a height of more than 250 meters


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“Ain Dubai” opened the world’s tallest and largest viewing wheel to the public, today, Thursday, and this comes at a time when Dubai is hosting the “Expo 2020” exhibition.

According to Emirati media, visitors will be able to enjoy recreational activities in the “Plaza” area for free, and visitors to “Bluewaters Island” can enjoy distinguished and comprehensive entertainment shows, including visiting the famous “Madame Tussauds” museum.

Ain Dubai is more than 250 meters high on Bluewaters Island, and Ain Dubai, which is equipped with the largest LED screen in the world, can accommodate about 1,400 passengers through 48 capsules in each cycle.

“Ain Dubai” surpasses its counterparts in the world, as it is the highest and largest among 12 rotating wheels in the world, and “Ain Dubai” removed the “High Roller” wheel in Los Angeles of America from the lead.

On the occasion of the opening, Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid published a stunning video from the top of “Ain Dubai”, drinking a cup of coffee from a height of more than 250 meters.

Source: RT


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