Summary – Mohamed Hamaki celebrates “Ya Fatni” with his fans: I can’t present an album every year… I’m not a professional composer | news


In a live broadcast via his Instagram account, artist Mohamed Hamaki celebrated the release of his new album, “Ya Fatni”, and his fans participated in the celebration of a number of them appearing with him through the video. reviews the most prominent statements of Mohamed Hamaki:

I thank all the work team that worked with me for the appearance of my new album “Ya Fatni” in such an honorable way.

– Ahmed Ibrahim is not only a professional arranger, but a brilliant composer, he also helped me a lot morally in choosing the songs for the new album.

– Special thanks to Tarek Madkour, my spiritual father. He was very tired with me. I woke him up for a song “Master.”

– Muhammad Al-Shaer also had a great role in the album, in all stages of the album, from photography and photography, to suggesting new ideas, and the idea of ​​presenting videos on YouTube, all of which are “animation” and he has knowledge and awareness, he has a thought, and advised me that the idea of ​​presenting videos with the lyrics of the song written on it With just a picture of me, it became old fashion, and he was responsible for the new idea and its implementation, and in recent days I was really exhausting him to finish the work on time, all thanks to him and his team, and the result is that this is the first experience in the Arab world of this kind.

– I am currently working on a project for a song in the Moroccan dialect and also in Saudi Arabia.

Soon I will be making my first movie.

– Singles play their role when the time between releasing an album and another is prolonged. The idea of ​​releasing an album every year is not possible for me. This will affect the quality of what I present. I need time and thought, time is not only to listen and choose, but to forget what I presented to present a new work, and this It will affect the previous album, so I won’t have enough time to party and shoot a clip from it.

– I will try to speed up the performance to shorten the time between the two albums, but every year it is difficult, and it is possible to overcome this by offering Single.

– There is no song that I love more than the other. I treat them all as my children. I sing what I feel and love. At parties, every stage has a song that I present, and I have many songs that are needed, and I feel happy when I sing “From the Beginning” and “Ma Balash” and “If you would leave” and “they wronged me”.

They wronged me when they said the album is a drama and it is not a drama

– I am not thinking of presenting a large number of albums, but I am thinking of the interest of the listener, and to provide him with content that suits him, and this is what makes me late.

– I am happiest when the audience feels my attempts to change, for example, the “Everyday from Da” and “Ya Fatni” posters, I tried to get out of the frame of aesthetic images with different ideas and rebel against the idea of ​​the cliché poster, and I try to provide a different experience not only in the music, and the same topic in the video.

– I am a professional singer, but an amateur composer, I do not have the professionalism in composing whenever I want, I mean, for example, in “I can’t forget” it was a musician for Tamim, and I had him at the same moment, I composed the whole Siniouh, and then I told him: “Forget what I said is left and I will see We do it with Maine.” But I felt my melody, and then I met Ahmed Salah Hosni, and I heard him the sentence that I composed, and I told him, “I still don’t,” and he asked me to complete it and we interacted with her, and he tuned the first sentence.

– “Ya Nasini”, “Matnush” and “If you leave” I finished them before Corona during the filming of “The Voice”.

– I will stick to the idea of ​​the album because it gives me more artistic opportunity. For example, the song “I am her secret” cannot be presented. Single, as it does not have the specifications of the commercial song, but in the album I managed to do so. me and the audience

– We will release the entire album on CD in a limited number after the release of the last titles on Thursday, October 28, and it is for those who love to own something, as now the trend is electronic use.


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