“Stopping Al-Faraj and Al-Bulayhi’s historic punishment” .. The Asian surprises Al-Hilal with decisive official decisions


There is no voice in the sports community currently, except for the events that followed the historic derby of the century, between Al Hilal and Al Nasr, in the 2021 AFC Champions League..

Al-Hilal booked the ticket to qualify for the 2021 AFC Champions League final, after beating Al-Nasr, with two goals to one, at the “Mrsoul Park” stadium in the capital, Riyadh..

After the whistle at the end of the match, a number of Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr stars entered into violent fistfights, and Hussein Abdel-Ghani, CEO of Al-Alamy, attacked the duo of the leader, Salman Al-Faraj and Ali Al-Bilahi..

* Shocking reports.

In this context, press reports blew up, a heavy-caliber surprise, by announcing the announcement of the derby referee, the red card in the face of Al-Faraj, after the end of the match..

According to these reports, Al-Faraj will miss the AFC Champions League final, between Al-Hilal and Pohang Steelers, after this expulsion.

She said that the punishment of the veteran international star is expected to be announced, in the coming hours, by the Asian Football Confederation.

So… what happened with the captain of Al Hilal after the end of the derby?!

Today, Thursday, Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper published the report of the derby match referee on the events that occurred after the final whistle was sounded..

The newspaper revealed that the referee of the arena, during the clashes, confused some things, and made some wrong decisions, before one of his assistants alerted him; Which may explain the error of displaying the red card, in the face of the vagina.

The newspaper pointed out that the ruling’s report mentioned the “expulsion” of Hussein Abdul Ghani only, after his assault on Al-Bulayhi and Al-Faraj.

Thus, it is officially confirmed that Salman Al-Faraj will participate in the dream Asian final, on November 23, next, because he was not subjected to expulsion..

* Al-Bulayhi Punishment..

For his part, Malaysian Simi Chiat Brian, director of observers and coordinators for the Asian Football Confederation, acquitted Al-Bulayhi, of the charge of disgraceful conduct, after the end of the match..

Al-Bilahi planted the Al-Hilal flag, in the middle of the floor of the “Morsoul Park” stadium, after the end of the match, which led to the spread of news about the player being suspended from 4 to 6 Asian matches.

The head of the Malaysian observers said that what Al-Bulayhi had done was a celebration of his team, as he did not carry a logo, outside the framework of the match..

Brian indicated that the Al-Bulayhi incident ended within seconds, after the match observers intervened, and did not result in any problems..

Here, it is officially confirmed that no disciplinary punishment is imposed on Al-Bulayhi, such as Al-Faraj; Because of the derby.


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