‘Stop, Stop’..Regillon recounts the heart attack of a fan


unfortunate shot…

The Spaniard Sergio Reguilon, the Tottenham player, expressed his feelings about the very unfortunate moment that took place in the Newcastle-Tottenham match, on Sunday.

One of the fans in the stands had suffered a heart attack and the fans signaled to the players and the referee to seek medical help.

The first to notice this was Tottenham player Sergio Reguilon, who, accompanied by Harry Kane, went to referee Andre Mariner and told him about it, to decide to stop the match for a while.

What did Reguilon say?

“I saw the fans waving and I saw a man lying down, I saw something was going on, I looked at the fans, they were saying ‘stop, stop’ and then I went to the referee and said we can’t play,” Reguilon said. Stop the match.”

He continued, “It was very strange, we went to the dressing room and I was looking at the man lying down, I was nervous because I don’t like to watch it.”

He concluded: “I think the three points is always a happy moment, but the most important for me is the fan, they tell me that he is fine and stable.”

What happened inside the match?

At a time when Tottenham was preparing to take a corner kick through South Korean international star Heung-Min Son, defender Reguilon went to the referee of the match, Andre Mariner, to inform him of the suffering of a fan of a heart attack in the stadium’s stands, while his colleagues went to the bench of their team’s bench to demand his device. Medical personnel to go to the stands opposite the ambulance fan.

The medical staff with a pacemaker moved to the stands in order to treat the fan, and according to Tottenham’s account, the fan is now fine and has been taken to hospital.

The referee of the match, after consulting with the security, decided to remove the players from the field, adding seven minutes as a calculated time instead of wasted in the first half.

The two teams returned to the field 10 minutes later, after the fan was taken to the hospital for treatment, and the match ended with Tottenham’s victory over Newcastle by three goals to two.

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