Special for the video of “Madam” from El Gouna: Engy Kiwan This is the secret of choosing my bold look


El Gouna – Rodaina Abu ZeidThe Egyptian model and rising actress, “Inge Kiwan”, sparked controversy after her daring appearance on the red carpet, as part of the events El Gouna Film Festival In its fifth session, the look was a mix of a head cover with a short dress.

“My Lady” met her to tell us about the secret of her bold appearance on the second day of the festival, which brought “Inge” back to the top of the trend again, as she appeared in a short golden dress with a head covering, from a fashion house.George ChakraThe look was coordinated by the stylist Saeed Ramzy.

In her interview with “Madam”, “Inge” made it clear that she had the choice regarding the dress, and she was looking for a bold dress that was out of the ordinary.

As for the negative comments that she faced because of the dress, Engy confirmed that her followers do not direct any negative comments to her, while you see the pages interested in fashion criticizing her in most of her looks, and she said that there is no infallible view of criticism, no matter how perfect, so she does not worry about these matters. And just enjoy her time and choose what she likes and be comfortable with.

A bold look by model Engi Kiwan at the El Gouna Festival – photo from Instagram, Engy Kiwan

The star of the model, “Ingy Kiwan”, shined after starring in the ads for the perfume of the star, “Amr Diab”, and the rumors that accompanied this announcement about their association, so that the press later revealed about her family life with her husband and children, and this rumor becomes a positive turning point in her life, and many roles follow her In cinema and television.It is noteworthy that “Enji” is participating in the series “The Situation Is Stable”, which is currently shown on the OSN platform. She also filmed the movie “In the Heart” with the singer Khaled Selim, as well as the series “Bait Al Maadi” accompanied by the star “Kinda Alloush”.

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