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The Arabic version of the “Goal” website surveys opinions around the world about the Saudi League

The Saudi Professional League has witnessed a great development over the past years, and those responsible for it are still seeking to develop more and more with the aim of achieving the biggest goal, which is to make the league among the best in the world in the coming years.

There is no doubt that the Saudi leadership does not skimp on anything in order to support the entire sports field, especially football as the first popular game in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world, and this support has already paid off, as the Saudi League has become the strongest and best in the Arab region without a doubt, and it is also among the best Asian leagues if not the best of them.

Over the past years, Saudi clubs have attracted many big stars, with the aim of supporting their ranks and competing for all titles, which has given the Saudi League an atmosphere of fierce competition, and also made it the focus of everyone’s attention, whether at the Arab, continental or international level.

The Arabic version of the “Goal” website was keen to monitor opinions about the Saudi Professional League, with the participation of some of the best journalists in the world at the present time.

We start with the famous Italian journalist Giorgio Dossi, who works in the Italian version of Goal, where he talked to us about his knowledge of the Saudi League, and the Italians’ impression of it, in addition to his opinion on the development of the tournament.

Dossi talked about the extent to which the Saudi League is followed in Italy, where he said: “The Saudi League in Italy is not of interest to football followers, and this is because they view it as a (low-level league) of European football, in addition to the fact that there is no television coverage there.”

He continued, “Here in Italy, we do not know any player in Saudi Arabia except for Sebastian Giovinco, the former Al Hilal player, and I think that no one in Italy really knows who the Giovinco team is, because people only know (the Arab League) nothing more.”

On the interest of Saudi clubs to include international players, Dossi said: “I think this is a good way to attract interest, but the general level of the league must be upgraded in some way, otherwise it will be similar to the Chinese League that was broadcast in Italy, but very few of its followers.”

Can the Saudi League compete with the European Leagues? Giorgio replied, “I cannot compare the Saudi League with the European leagues, because as far as I know they have not produced good local players, for example Austria, Ireland and Norway. Their championships are not exceptional either, but they have good teams, and I think this is very important.”

Matheus Pereira - ever Banega - hilal - shabab 23-9-2021

Let’s talk to one of the most famous journalists in Brazil, who has gained attention from Saudi fans recently, Raisa Simplicio, journalist for the Brazilian version of Goal, who revealed her love for the Saudi league and also her favorite players.

Raisa told the Arabic version of “Goal”: “I definitely follow the Saudi League, because I love the fans’ passion for football, and the level there is improving daily, and the presence of many Brazilian players and well-known professionals, made me start following this interesting league.”

And about the most famous players in the Saudi league and her favorites, she said: “There are many players permanently, such as Marcelo Grohe, the Al-Ittihad player, who is very well known in Brazil, as well as Peruvian Andre Carrillo, who presented distinguished levels with Al-Hilal and his country.”

And she continued, “I also know Anderson Talisca, the Al-Nasr player, and his unfortunately injured colleague, Pete Martinez, but Salem Al-Dosari, the Al-Hilal star, is the most famous in Brazil, and I love and follow him.”

Raisa commented on the contracting of Saudi clubs with international stars over the past years, saying: “This makes the league more valuable, because they are players with high potential, and greatly help in improving the quality of the league, because they can play more physically than older athletes.”

The Brazilian journalist also spoke about comparing the Saudi League to European leagues, saying: “This is always something that is also raised here in Brazil. It is to play in these competitions, especially for the big clubs.”

Raisa concluded her conversation with us, saying: “I think that the Saudi League can find ways to compete with one league or another in Europe, but with the strongest leagues the way will be far, and the big difference is that it is now better organized as a league, and this is what represents the problem of Saudi Arabia and here in Brazil and South America.”

hilal - ittifaq - Salem Al-Dawsari - 9-18-2021

Let’s go back to Europe again, this time with English journalist Peter Staunton in the English version of “Goal”, who told us about his opinion on the Saudi League, and the ways that led to the development of the English Premier League now.

Peter said: “The Saudi League could be something like the English Premier League for the Arab world, because it has the financial capabilities and infrastructure, but as we see with Newcastle for example, there seems to be more interest in spending money outside the league and creating a big club in Europe, more Who made the Saudi League something global.”

The English journalist continued: “The reason for the growth and development of the Premier League was money, big wages and big TV deals, but 25 years ago the level was not as high as it is now, and it takes time to build a project like this, but Saudi Arabia should be able to do something like this. “.

How does Peter see the Saudi League? He replied, “It looks a lot like the other West Asian leagues, with a lot of local talent and ex-stars at times, nobody knows the Saudi League in Europe, and they won’t be able to tell you which teams are from there or which player is currently playing, they don’t It is of interest to anyone here in Europe.”

Staunton expressed his opinion about attracting top stars to the Saudi League, saying: “There is a perception that we have that when a big star moves to Saudi Arabia, he is finished in football, so when we see the signing of Argentine Ever Banega for a Saudi team, we consider that his career is over, he is still seen It is a league where foreign players are heading to as a last stop before retiring, and a star at the peak of his brilliance will not move to the Saudi League.”

Peter spoke about his vision for the Saudi League and the possibility of competing with Europe, where he said: “In the future, I think that Saudi Arabia can compete with European leagues, especially in light of the huge investments that are currently being made inside the Kingdom, such as NEOM and Vision 2030.”

The English journalist concluded his statements by saying: “In light of European football crises such as the idea of ​​the “Super League” and the dispute between the European and International Federations over the idea of ​​​​the World Cup every two years, and things like that, there may be an opportunity in the near future for a new domestic league to take charge and attract Talent, in my opinion, may be the Saudi Professional League.

abdulrahman al-aboud - al nassr al ittihad MBS 2021-2022

We also spoke with the famous Turkish journalist Ekrem Konur, who spoke about his surprise at the transfer of famous players to the Saudi League, and the increase in the value of the league with the presence of great players.

Akram said during the Arabic version of “Goal”: “The Saudi League I follow a lot because of my profession, and recently high-level football players have moved to the Saudi League, and this will lead to an increase in the value and quality of the league.”

Regarding the transfer of senior stars to the Saudi League, Connor said: “There are some transfers that surprised me a lot, most notably Malian Moussa Mariga and Argentine Luciano Vieto to Al Hilal, and Brazilian Anderson Talisca and Cameroonian Vincent Abu Bakr to Al Nasr.”

He added, “I consider Ziad Al-Sahafi, Al-Ittihad player, Salem Al-Dosari and Abdul Rahman Gharib, the best Saudi players currently in my view.”

He continued: “The value and quality of the league increases with the transfer of senior players. This applies to the Saudi League, which is the case in all tournaments, and these transfers must continue, and with time it will become more famous.”

Akram concluded his statements, speaking about the comparison to European leagues, saying: “The Saudi League’s arrival at European levels is a complete process. The names I just mentioned will take the league to the next level, because good planning and great achievements will greatly contribute to announcing the names of Saudi players to the world.”

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