Space is the birthplace of a new economy


His Excellency Saqr Ghobash, Speaker of the Federal National Council, stressed that the world is changing at a faster pace than it has been in all eras of human and human history, and it is faster than the human being himself can keep up with or even keep pace with. He said: Today we are in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution where artificial intelligence and biotechnology Almost all countries of the world aspire to switch to the innovation sector and access space after these countries realized that traditional industries will not be able to open the window of global economic and scientific competition. However, ambition is one thing, and striving and working for that is another, and this is what we must work on together.

This came during his opening speech at the eleventh meeting of the International Astronautical Federation of Parliamentarians in cooperation with the International Space Federation, with the participation of 5,000 specialized people and experts from 80 countries, discussing thousands of specialized scientific papers, during its activities, which extend until October 29, at the Dubai Trade Center. Global.

Ghobash pointed out that space is no longer an independent science and world, but rather it is the birthplace of a new economy, the economy of space technology, which we can mention some of which are the technology of smart car industries, heart pumps, prosthetics, the Internet, weather forecasting, remote sensing, and others, which contribute to Improving the quality of human life on planet Earth.

He pointed out that all these changes and developments have been imposed and will be imposed on countries to adopt a new methodology in enacting laws that is more flexible and able to support innovation and preserve people and the environment at the same time. The traditional routine to simulate and keep pace with the pace and pace of these scientific and technical variables in the world of space and the impact of this on humans and the environment.

He reviewed the experience of the UAE in the legislative field, stressing that the Federal National Council worked at the end of 2019 to issue the law regulating the space sector, in which it was keen to embody the value and dynamism of joint work and coordination between the executive and legislative authorities, where the objectives of the law were to establish a legislative and regulatory environment in the UAE space sector. An environment that respects international treaties and is characterized by clarity, transparency and flexibility in protecting national interests, achieving economic and commercial requirements, security and safety requirements, preserving the environment and encouraging innovation on the one hand, and working to link traditional legal issues related to space legislation with developments in the space field.



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