Shocking information about the weapons official in Alec Baldwin movie


triggered a launch accident Actor Alec Baldwin Shooting Director of Photography Helena Hutchins, during a rehearsal for a movie scene in the western United States, asked questions about who is responsible for the use of weapons on filming sites and the measures to be taken to ensure the safety of the crew.

In the movie “Rust”, which witnessed the tragic incident in the US state of New Mexico, Hana Gutierrez Reid, who is in her twenties, was responsible for examining firearms, and she joined the team recently in her first experience.

He also reported shocking information about the daughter of a prominent Hollywood gunsmith, Thel Reed, confirming that she gave a pistol to an 11-year-old actress without properly checking its safety.

The New York Post quoted one of the sources as saying, “Reed was reloading the gun on the ground, where there was gravel and things, and we didn’t see her check that, we didn’t know if there was something in the barrel or not.”

The late director of photography, Helena Hutchins

The late director of photography, Helena Hutchins

Neglected and inexperienced

He added that she was neglected with guns waving them now and then, and continued, “There were several times she was carrying the blanks and doing it in a way that we thought was unsafe.”

A source in the film’s production also described Reid as “inexperienced”, adding that there were two other incidents of accidental behavior by crew members.

Two other “Rust” production sources questioned whether assistant director Dave Holz had taken the correct procedure before the tragic accident.

When the film is right

When the film is right

Another source confirmed that the assistant director’s job should be to test each pistol for being loaded with live machine guns or loaded with blanks.

Last month, Gutierrez Reid said in a podcast that she was “nervous” about her abilities as an armor maker in her first experience as a lead photographer with “Old Way.”

The New York Post had revealed that the person responsible for handling the gun in the movie “Rust” had been summoned.

live shot

In turn, cast members who were driven off the set due to what they claimed were poor safety protocols said the serrated gun contained a live round when it went out and killed director of photography Halina Hutchins, 42, and director Joel Sousa, 48.

A knowledgeable crew member said there was a “serious lack of safety meetings in this business”.

blood stained clothes

In addition, US court records showed that the pistol with which actor Alec Baldwin fired bullets during filming, which resulted in the death of Director of Photography, had been handed to him by a director and told him that he was safe.

The records stated that assistant director, Dave Holz, was unaware that the fake pistol contained live ammunition, and indicated that it had been discharged when he shouted “Empty pistol!”

While one of the crew members said in press statements, that the late woman was calling for providing safer working conditions for her team.

Alec Baldwin with blood on his clothes in Rust

Alec Baldwin with blood on his clothes in Rust

Police records indicate that Baldwin’s bloodstained clothes were seized as evidence with the gun. Ammunition and other weapons were also seized from the filming location by the police.

It is reported that director of cinematography, Helena Hutchins, was fatally shot in the chest last Thursday, on the set of the movie Rust.

Director Joel Sousa, 48, who was standing behind her, was also injured. He received emergency treatment for a shoulder injury, and was later discharged from the hospital.


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