Sherif Mounir reveals the truth about his withdrawal from the El Gouna Festival because of the movie “Rishes”


The artist, Sherif Mounir, denied the recent rumors that were circulated on social media about his leaving the El Gouna Film Festival; Objection to the screening of the film “feathers” in the fifth session of the festival, stressing that he withdrew from the film’s screening hall only, and left the festival according to the schedule agreed upon with the festival administration.

Mounir added in an official clarification that was posted on his official account on the Facebook website: Clarification.. I did not leave the El Gouna Festival.. I left the showroom because I had a reservation about the movie Feathers.. And my departure from El Gouna was my return date agreed upon with the festival administration before. going.

Sherif Mounir made a phone call to the “Al-Hekaya” program, presented by the media, Amr Adib, and confirmed that he was disturbed by the scenes of the movie “feathers” because of the poor portrayal of Egypt, and did not correspond to reality and did not know how this film won the Cannes Festival award.

Sherif added: The slums that we had, and those that are disappearing now, have a better level than the scenes that the movie shows.

He continued, saying: The state has made great strides in eliminating slums, and transferring people to alternative, furnished housing at the highest level. The needs we used to see in a movie when it was easy, we had to move away from it, we are now in a new republic.

Sherif Mounir denied intentionally attacking the film, saying: I am not attacking, and I am not able to attack, and when I left the show, I met Mohamed Hefzy, producer of the film Riches, and he asked me why I left, and I told him that the scenes in the film are annoying on both the realistic and artistic levels.

He continued, saying: The film received an award from the Cannes Film Festival in France, and I do not understand the people who performed the award film, they saw what?! Maybe I don’t understand art, maybe I don’t care.

Sherif Mounir justified his withdrawal from the film’s special screening with jealousy over his country and said: I have a moment of jealousy over Egypt, which moves me while I get a little hot (..) Art conveys reality in a beautification. I want to know what the director wants to say about the movie and this meal?!.

Sherif Mounir demanded the director of the film to come out and clarify his message from the film, and said: I am determined that the director of the film comes out and tells us what he wants to say? The media, Amr Adib, replied: There is no such thing in art, art does not explain it.

Sherif Mounir said that he is against banning the screening of the film, as some demand, and he wants everyone to see it so that they can judge it, and stressed that art must convey reality in an aesthetic way, and that there should be a message behind the work.

It is noteworthy that the movie “feathers” was shown on Sunday for the first time in Egypt, within the films of the official competition for feature films in the fifth session of the El Gouna Festival, and witnessed a great turnout from art stars, including Mohamed Farraj, Basant Shawky, Ahmed Daoud, Ola Rushdi, Yousra, Mayan El-Sayed. Rahma Hassan, Karim Qassem, Menna Shalaby, Enas Al Degheidy, Tamer Habib, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Nisreen Tafesh, Engy Kiwan, Jamal Suleiman, Muhammad Al-Adl, Mahmoud Al-Laithi, Ahmed Hatem, Nicolas Moawad, Basil Khayat, Dalia Al-Behairi, Lebleba, Khaled Selim, Rania Youssef, Nahed El Sebaei, Hala Sedky, Basma, Sayed Ragab, Hind Abdel Halim, Salwa Muhammad Ali, Khaled Abdel Jalil, Asmaa Jalal.

Confusion occurred an hour after the film was shown, as Sherif Mounir, and after him the artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi and the artist Ahmed Rizk, withdrew, in protest against the events of the film, which reflect the atmosphere of very poor families in Egypt, and they confirmed in an interview outside the hall with producer Mohamed Hefzy that the film represented a severe abuse of the image Egypt abroad.

Calls were also launched to demand the Egyptian Ministry of Culture to withdraw the official honor for the film after it won the Critics’ Week award at the last session of the Cannes Film Festival.

The director of the film, Omar Al-Zuhairi, responded, stressing that he expected the film to cause this controversy, but he stuck to his vision, indicating that he was sticking to presenting his ideas.

Omar, who won the first prize for Egypt from the Cannes Film Festival for the movie “feathers”, indicated in a press conference held in the presence of producer Shahinaz Al-Akkad, that he was aware of the criticisms of some of the audience about the film, and said: “But I present the cinema in which I am convinced and put my ideas forward, and it is natural that there is a difference of opinion.” About the film When I got to Cannes, I didn’t know what would happen next.

“Rishes” is the first feature film directed by Omar Al-Zuhairi, co-written with scriptwriter Ahmed Amer. It presents the story of a mother who lives under the protection of her husband and her children, a life that does not change and days are repeated between the walls of the house that she does not leave and does not know what is going on outside, and one day change takes place. Suddenly, her husband turns into a chicken. While celebrating the birthday of the youngest son, the magician errs and loses control and fails to bring back the husband, the husband who was managing every detail of this family’s life.

This violent transformation forces this dormant wife to take responsibility in search of solutions to the crisis and restore the husband, and she tries to survive what is left of her small family, and during these difficult days the wife undergoes a cruel change.

Participating in the movie “feathers” were Demiana Nassar, Sami Basyoun, Mohamed Abdel Hadi, Fadi Mina, Abu Sefin Nabil, Naim Abdel Malik, Mohamed Sedky, Justina Samir, Nasser Jalal, Abdullah, Samia.

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