She is the most famous singing star in the Arab world. At the age of 23, she won the title and crown of the most beautiful model in the world. Focus on features and test your memory


She is the Lebanese artist.”Cyrine Abdel NourWhich was published yesterday through its own account on the site.TwitterA picture from her childhood where it looked as if the pictures were taken from the atmosphere of Christmas, and commented Cyrine Abdel Nour On the photo: “Childhood is the most beautiful innocent story. If I could go back to it, I would stay there forever.. My mother and I are.”

The photo aroused the admiration of the followers and interacted with it, as one of them likened it to her mother, saying: “What does your mother look like when you were young? Cristiano is a copy of you,” and another said: “Who are you young, you wear a red color?

and keen Cyrine Abdel Nour On her followers sharing photos from her childhood from time to time through her official account on the communication sites, where she had shared a photo from her childhood with her older sister “Sabine”.

Cyrine Abdel Nour She is a Lebanese singer, actress and model, born on February 21, 1977. Her first appearance was in 1994 as a model in the clip for the song “Kalam El Nas” with George wasoufThen she became famous after releasing her lyrical album (Leila Min Layali) in 2004 AD, and considers that the fashion show was the door to entering the art of acting and success.

won Cyrine Abdel Nour At the age of 23 years, the title and crown of the most beautiful model in the world. Siren also chose the station MBC For the launch of the Diva program, which sheds light on her real life, director Randa Al-Alam supervised the private details.

got married Cyrine Abdel Nour In 2007 from a Lebanese businessman Farid RahmaThey had a girl named “Talia” on July 10, 2011, and on March 17, 2018, she gave birth to her second child, “Cristiano”. Serene said, during a previous meeting with her, that she was afraid of the decision to marry, so she prolonged the courtship until Farid threatened her that he would leave her if she insisted on prolonging the courtship period even more, noting that she made the decision to marry after this threat.

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And she was Cyrine Abdel Nour She has shared her followers through social networks, a set of family photos with distinction, which she and her husband spotted Farid Rahma And her two sons, while swimming with dolphins in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Commenting on her publications on her official account on the application, the Lebanese artist said,Instagram“It was a very nice day, then and Cristiano was very happy. Thank you to all the people who let this day be special.”

On the other hand, on the technical level, Serene has not yet announced whether she will attend the next Ramadan drama season 2022 in any dramatic work so far after not reaching an agreement between her and Al-Sabah Company, where they were scheduled to meet together with work.

And Siren attended this season with the short series “age rolewhich was displayed on the platformWitness VIPIt is written by Nasser Fakih and directed by Saeed Al Marouk, where the work was a good success.

and embodied Cyrine Abdel Nour In the work, the character of “Shams Matar”, a beautiful woman obsessed with the character of “Amir”, begins with him to implement a plan in order to bring some criminals who think themselves above the law to justice.

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