She danced in front of him and then sang .. Did Dina El-Sherbiny challenge Amr Diab?


During the past hours, the Egyptian artist, Dina El-Sherbiny, became the talk of social networking sites after the spread of a video clip of her from a wedding in Hurghada, swaying to the tune of a song by Amr Diab, who was singing in front of her, months after their separation.

While the news about the return of the water to its course spread among the duo without confirmation or denial, users circulated another clip in which El-Sherbiny appeared singing, what some considered a challenge to Diab, who was performing the concert.

Egyptian media said that the new video clip showed Dina El-Sherbiny singing her new song “Felt Minni”, in which she collaborates with the artist Hassan Abu Al-Roos.

It is noteworthy that the aforementioned wedding brought together the artist Dina El-Sherbiny and the artist Amr Diab in their first event since the news of their separation.

Earlier, the Tunisian artist, Dora, resolved a controversy that had recently arisen on social media, about being the reason for the separation of the artists Amr Diab and Dina El-Sherbiny, where Dora completely denied the matter.


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