“Sharjah Film Festival” discusses the impact of “Corona” on the film industry


The Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth, in its eighth session, hosted yesterday, Friday, the award-winning Emirati writer and director Mustafa Abbas, and the director of programming at the New York International Film Festival for Children, Maria Christina Villasinor, in a dialogue session during which they confirmed that the “Corona” pandemic did not affect the world. Cinema despite the challenges created by the crisis.

The session, entitled “The Future of the Film Industry” and moderated by Balqis Saber, discussed the fundamental changes brought about by the pandemic in the film industry, and the two guest experts praised the efforts made by the festival in supporting and developing cinema in a creative manner that contributes to attracting the interest of a wider segment of the public in this fine art.

Maria Villasinor said: “Virtual film festivals are distinguished by transcending geographical boundaries to reach viewers all over the world who share the same content, which opens the door to building many partnerships to support the film industry and organizing inspiring virtual discussions that allow community members to share with us the dialogue on various issues. related to the film industry, such as increasing the number of personalities representing the societies of the Middle East countries and opportunities for joint international film production.”

She added: “New York in the post-pandemic stage witnessed a large demand from the public to go to the halls and enjoy watching movies collectively, and although digital technology has helped to facilitate the access of viewers to cinematographic works, the real question that must be considered is how to find the right balance. Between the popularity that digital platforms can offer in exchange for the live experience of watching a movie in theaters.”

Mostafa Abbas, director of “The Long Gym”, said: Technological developments have accelerated the transformation of the global film industry and the introduction of new tools such as broadcasting films on several platforms simultaneously. A valuable filmmaker who enriches the stock of the film industry and contributes to its prosperity,” he said, reviewing the UAE’s successful experience in the field of short films over the past years.

The two speakers concluded the session by emphasizing that technology played a major role in bringing people together, but the pandemic conditions demonstrated the need for filmmakers to cooperate more to present inspiring cinematic and artistic works.


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