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On Friday, the UN Security Council expressed its regret for “the recent threats of violence against the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq and the staff of the Independent High Electoral Commission,” while calling on those objecting to the results to take legal measures.

In a statement issued today, the Council congratulated “the Iraqi people and the government on the occasion of the recent elections that were held on the tenth of October.”

The statement added that “the members of the Security Council welcomed the initial reports that the early elections went smoothly and were distinguished from all the elections that preceded them with important technical and procedural reforms.”

The members of the Security Council commended the Electoral Commission “for conducting technically sound elections and the Government of Iraq for its preparations for the elections and for preventing violence on election day.”

Council members, according to the statement, “expressed their regret at the recent threats of violence against the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, and the staff of the Independent High Electoral Commission, among others.”

The statement called for resolving “any electoral disputes that may arise” by peaceful and legal means, adding that the council members expressed their aspiration “to form an inclusive government that represents the will of the Iraqi people and their demands to consolidate democracy.”

The early parliamentary elections resulted in the victory of the Sadrist movement of the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who won the largest number of seats, according to the preliminary results (73 out of 329).

After it was the second force in the previous parliament with 48 seats, the Al-Fateh Alliance, which represents the popular crowd and a strong ally of Tehran, won only about 17 seats, according to preliminary results.

Hundreds of supporters of the Popular Mobilization, an alliance of pro-Iranian factions that has become affiliated with the state, began on Tuesday a sit-in near the Green Zone in central Baghdad, to protest against “rigging” they say marred the early legislative elections.

This demonstration comes after other separate gatherings that took place in the past two days in different parts of Iraq, in which hundreds participated, and included roadblocks in protest against the results, after calls from pro-Iranian factions.

Leaders in the coalition denounced “fraud” in the electoral process, and vowed to challenge it, while the final results are expected to be published in the coming weeks after the High Electoral Commission finishes considering the appeals submitted.


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