Scientists discover a secret world with the Earth’s core, without which life and humanity would be extinct… Photos and video


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A group of scientists made a discovery described as “amazing” while studying the deep layers of the earth and the methods and methods of moving earthquake ripples across the earth, confirming the existence of a “hidden world” underground that contributed to preserving life.

Specialists in seismic monitoring sciences at a number of observatories in America and Japan have conducted longitudinal studies on seismic ripples, announcing in a new study the discovery of a “whole new hidden world.” in the Earth’s core“.

Scientists have long believed that the center of the Earth was a solid ball of iron, surrounded by an extremely hot molten outer core.

But the new research published في مجلة “Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors” Scientific research revealed new, exciting and more complex details about the Earth’s core, which, in the opinion of scientists, represents a “hidden secret science” in the Earth’s core.

A world in the distance between solid and liquid is invulnerable to man

According to the scientists, this new world consists of multiple and complex layers of solid metal, liquid metal and a certain amount of material halfway between the two.

The scientists noted that “no human being, or even modern machines, can venture down and discover such depths.”

A third component under our feet was not previously observed

Researcher Rhett Butler, of the University of Hawaii, and his colleague, Segi Tsuboib, of the Japan Center for Earth Information Science and Technology, studied how earthquake shear waves move across the globe, but came up with exciting results.
The researchers found that there is a “third component” located between Layers of solid and liquid metals, and intersects these two layers, which formed about 241 kilometers (150 miles) deep in the earth beneath our feet.

In turn, Jessica Irving, a seismologist at the University of Bristol, commented on the new discovery She tells Live Science magazine.We have found a new hidden world in the heart of the planet, not made up of dinosaurs and not the one described by Jules Verne in 1871.

A metal ingot that protected life on Earth

Scientists noted that there is a “new alloy” of minerals formed inside the planet as a result of its evolution and changes in the thermal state of the Earth, whose temperature has become colder with the passage of years.

The researchers considered that these results reveal “the composition and thermal history.” للأرض وتطورها“, stressing that these layers play a major role in protecting life on Earth.

“The Earth’s core is the driver of the magnetic field that prevents our planet from becoming a radioactive desert like Mars,” the study said.

Scientists considered that these unique layers that formed naturally contributed to protecting the planet and preserving life on it, and acted as an internal protective layer that protected it from collapse and destruction.


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