Saudi Arabia .. The period for proving ownership of old properties expires after 55 days


The State Real Estate Authority in Saudi Arabia, through its offices spread throughout the Kingdom, is looking into the requests of citizens who submitted them through the “Ihkam” platform to prove their ownership of their homes or farms that they inherited from their grandparents and parents before the year 1387 AH, and they were unable to obtain legal instruments for them.

Al-Jazeera newspaper quoted Lawyer Hammoud Al-Najem as saying that ignoring and leniency in applying through the judgment platform and the State Real Estate Authority, will forfeit the right to this property after the end of the specified period, because of ignoring the submission of what the person claims to be his property, explaining that the state is serious in addressing These issues were issued by the State Real Estate Authority, because it saw that there is illegal and illegal encroachment on state property, stressing that citizens have an opportunity, of which only about 55 days remain, meaning that the deadline ends on 5-5-1443 AH.

The Najim lawyer urged citizens to file, even if the papers were not complete or complete so that they could be considered, noting that restricting the application in itself in the judgment platform “proves your eagerness to claim your right.”

And he showed that the state and the body State real estate It addresses some of the submitted cases that have some problems, such as the determination of the heirs and others, which the commission deems acceptable.

For his part, the Governor of the General Authority for State Real Estate, Ihsan Bafaqih, indicated recently that the number of requests for ownership and documentation of commercial contracts received by the Authority during the past ten months reached 500,000 requests for documentation of real estate contracts through the “Ehkam” platform.

He pointed out that there are regions in Saudi Arabia that are overcrowded with property requests, especially Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, and Asir, noting that the authority needs the patience of citizens, and give them enough time to complete all applications submitted for consideration and judgment.


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