Saudi Arabia is a major working cell


We are witnessing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world witnessing to us what is happening here of real work and achievements that race against time, in a major practical boom that includes several areas, planned for a real economic renaissance that includes several sectors, in order to diversify income and serve the citizen, resident and visitor, and make the Kingdom a destination A real investment for the world. His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs – may God protect him – launched the National Investment Strategy, which is one of the main enablers to achieve the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The Kingdom, with its human and natural forces and various bounties, qualifies it to be a leading country in the fields of investments and the focus of attention of investors from around the world. The investment strategy launched by His Highness – may God protect him – contributes to the growth of the national economy and diversification of its sources, and to raising the sector’s contribution private GDP, promoting foreign direct investment, increasing the proportion of non-oil exports, reducing the unemployment rate, and advancing the Kingdom to one of the top ten positions in the Global Competitiveness Index by 2030, and all of the above supports economic growth and benefits all investing parties. Achieving prosperity for future generations towards a bright future enhanced by a diversified and sustainable economy, which is the greatest goal of everything that is happening here in Saudi Arabia, and this is what His Highness – may God protect him – touched upon in his speech when launching the investment strategy, and this is what makes the visions, ideas and long-term plans, which crystallized And it appeared to the public, walking towards future glories to be added to the glories we are upon now, taking us to the heights in this blessed land.

The language of numbers speaks in the investment strategy, and it is the real language from which we measure successes and achievements, as investments exceeding 12 trillion riyals will be pumped into the local economy until 2030 AD, and the economy will receive another 10 trillion riyals of government spending through the state’s general budget during the ten years The coming years, and another 5 trillion riyals of private consumption spending for the same period, bringing the total of this spending to nearly 27 trillion riyals until 2030 (equivalent to 7 trillion dollars), specifically the national investment strategy aims to raise net foreign direct investment flows to 388 billion riyals annually, and increasing domestic investment to reach about 1.7 trillion riyals annually by 2030. By achieving these goals, the investment-to-GDP ratio of the Kingdom is expected to rise from 22% in 2019 to 30% in 2030, which will contribute to the growth of the Saudi economy to become one of the 15 largest economies in the world.

Investment and development projects are spread across Saudi lands on land and at sea, and in full exploitation of all the country’s potential and its natural and human components in an unprecedented diligent work, and this is what made the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a real workshop of which we are proud of all over the world.

according to “Riyadh

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