Saudi Arabia confirms the continuation of applying the distance between worshipers in mosques, after the exception of the Two Holy Mosques


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs confirmed, on Tuesday, the continued application of physical distance between worshipers in the mosques of the Kingdom, as part of precautionary measures to confront the spread of the Corona virus, after canceling the distance in the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque.

And the Ministry of Islamic Affairs said, in a statement, that “the recommendation of the Public Health Authority Prevention is to continue to apply the distance between worshipers in mosques, because mosques are frequented by all ages and various health conditions and there are no points to check the health status in the application of our trust upon entry, which requires action on the procedures To preserve the health and safety of those who go to the houses of God.

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs indicated that the statement of the Ministry of Interior emphasized the continuation of applying physical distancing and wearing masks in places where health status checks are not applied through the Tawakkalna application.

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs said that it “continuously follows up with the concerned authorities all instructions received regarding precautionary measures and is working to implement them in order to ensure the safety of those who go to the houses of God,” calling on everyone to “take information from official sources and beware of rumors.”


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