Saudi Arabia calls for implementation of Security Council resolutions in Yemen


The Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations in Geneva, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Wasel, called for the importance of international consensus, reliance on Security Council resolutions, and support for the UN envoy and all efforts aimed at reaching a political solution in Yemen, as it is the most effective way to help the Yemeni people.In the Kingdom’s speech before the 48th session of the Human Rights Council, Al-Wasel indicated the Council’s rejection of the resolution entitled “The Situation of Human Rights in Yemen,” and considered this rejection a response to just, legitimate and just demands to end the mandate of the Group of Experts in Yemen, which was supported by the majority of Council member states from different countries. geographical groups.

He explained that the reports of the team of experts ignored the international initiatives and resolutions issued on Yemen, including Resolution 2216, and the team misused the mandate granted to it in an unprecedented manner, as it derived most of the information contained in its reports from non-governmental organizations sympathetic to the Houthi terrorist militia, which had It affected the confusion of international public opinion, deepening the gap between the components and sects of the Yemeni people, strengthening and legitimizing the position of the coup militias, and overlooking their grave human rights violations by portraying the Yemeni crisis as a crisis between conflicting parties and not a coup crisis carried out by militias that seized power by force and force.

Al-Wasel said: “The presence of two draft resolutions for two different resolutions that are presented in two separate items of the Council, clarifies the sharp polarization among the members of the Council, and shakes the image of the Human Rights Council, and this does not serve the Yemeni people.”


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