Saudi Arabia announces the arrest of a Palestinian on charges of “harming national security”


20 minutes ago

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RIYADH: A Saudi security source announced, today, Monday, the arrest of a Palestinian resident after the spread of a video clip in which he spoke in terms of “compromising national security and offending the rulers.” According to the Saudi Press Agency.

Today, the agency quoted the media spokesman for the Riyadh police, Major Khaled Al-Kraidis, as saying, “The security forces arrested a resident of Palestinian nationality in the fourth decade, who appeared in a video clip circulating in words that would prejudice national security and public order and offend the rulers.”

Al-Kraidis added that the Palestinian resident – whose name has not been revealed – “published this via the information network,” only saying that “he was arrested, and the initial legal measures were taken against him and referred to the Public Prosecution.”



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