Saudi Arabia announces easing of Corona precautionary measures


According to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, it has been reduced precautionary measures Based on what was submitted by the competent health authorities, and in view of the progress in immunizing the community and the decline in the number of cases.

The mitigation decision stipulates that it is not obligatory to wear gag In open places, except in the excluded places, while still obligating to wear it in closed places.

The source indicated to ease the precautionary measures for those receiving the two doses لقاح Anti-Covid-19.

The mitigation includes allowing the full capacity of the Grand Mosque to be used, while obligating workers and visitors to wear a muzzle at all times in all the corridors of the mosque.

In addition, the distance is canceled and the full capacity is allowed to be used in gatherings, public places, transportation, restaurants, cinemas, and the like.

In the meantime, two doses of immunization are required to enter all the sites and activities referred to in second above, with the exception of those who are not included and those who are excluded as shown in the “Tawakkalna” application.


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