Saudi Arabia affirms support for regional and international trends to protect the environment


The Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Engineer Abdul Rahman Al-Fadhli, affirmed that his country will continue to support international and regional trends that aim to protect, develop and sustain the environment, due to its paramount importance in sustaining life on the planet.

In his speech today, Thursday, before the 32nd session of the Council of Arab Ministers Responsible for Environmental Affairs at the headquarters of the Arab League, headed by Egypt, the Saudi minister stressed his country’s support for Egypt and the UAE to host the upcoming conferences of the parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Al-Fadhli also stressed that in light of the strategic, economic and environmental importance of the Red Sea, the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stresses the need for concerted Arab, regional and international efforts in taking proactive preventive measures to prevent an accident on the floating storage tanker “Safer”, which has more than one million barrels. Oil, warning that the ship’s condition or maintenance has not been evaluated since 2015 due to the Houthi group’s refusal to do so. Hariq, stressing the importance of implementing the decisions taken in this regard in the extraordinary session of the Council of Arab Ministers Responsible for Environmental Affairs in its meeting held remotely on 21 September.

Al-Fadhli said that Saudi Arabia has paid great attention to protecting the environment, its development and sustainability, preserving biodiversity and addressing the environmental challenges it faces, noting that to achieve this, it launched a package of initiatives, legislation and strategies in accordance with its Vision 2030, including the National Environment Strategy, which is the starting point for all development efforts and achieving transformation in the environmental sector. The environmental work system has also been restructured, five specialized environmental centers have been established, and an environment fund has been established to contribute to the financial sustainability of the environmental sector.

He added that Saudi Arabia was able, within this framework, and in a short period of time, to increase the area of ​​the rehabilitated natural vegetation cover in 2019 to approximately 175% from 2017, and the environmental regulations and laws in the Kingdom were unified and strengthened under the umbrella of the environment system and its regulations in order to preserve the environment and rationalize use its resources.

He explained that among the efforts made by the Kingdom to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the environment, a special week for the environment was adopted to be implemented in all regions of the Kingdom in the first week of the spring season of each year.

He pointed out that at the regional and international levels, the Kingdom actively participates in addressing environmental issues such as pollution, desertification, biodiversity deterioration and climate change.


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