Salah, Hakimi, Pedri and Mbappe .. Golden Ball nominations among question marks and merit!


How were the Golden Ball nominations? Who deserves to be on the list of nominations, and whose presence carries a lot of question marks?!

France Football magazine announced a short time ago the nominations for the final list of the Ballon d’Or, which we missed last year due to Corona’s circumstances.

But as it was absent, the same controversial award returned to open the way to talk about who deserves to be present and was not on the list, and who appeared on it without deserving his seat.

That never-ending talk every time the famous magazine kicks off its award campaign, so let’s get on with that ourselves to quickly clear some points.

Names that deserved to be in the list of nominations for the Golden Ball

Without controversy or discussion, despite his bad season with Barcelona, ​​​​Lionel Messi deserved to be on the list for his individual levels and for winning the Copa America with the Argentine, and he may be the closest candidate for the title.

Among the deserved ones, there is also Mohamed Salah, who led Liverpool alone in light of the injury crises and the problems that the team suffered, and succeeded in getting them to the Champions League to be among the most influential in the results of the season.

We also have Chelsea star Jorginho who has earned his place in the list at club and national level, winning the Champions League with Chelsea and the European Nations Cup with Italy.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s presence in the list has become common, even if he did not win trophies with his club and country, but it is enough for him to achieve the first title in his career as a top scorer in the Italian League to be here.

Robert Lewandowski probably should have won it in the scrapped version, and his presence in that version was totally deserved given the unique individual level he provided.

Romelu Lukaku also definitely deserves to be on that list, and talking about his contribution to Serie A and bringing him back to Inter would be very monotonous no matter how much we try to show his impact.

Luis Suarez deserved his place in that list as well, after he switched the course of the league from Real Madrid and Barcelona to Atletico Madrid, by being the team’s top scorer last season.

question marks!

The list is full of those who deserved to be on it, but it is not without those who amazed us when their names appeared.

For example, this does not mean that they played a bad or even mediocre season, but not everyone who played a good season deserves to be nominated for an award of this value.

First, Pedri is a young Barcelona player who made a season for history, whether in the club or with the first and Olympic team. It is true that Pedri gave a super season physically and technically for a player of his age, but this leads him to be among the best young stars at the latest, and we should not have seen his name here right now.

Secondly, Kylian Mbappe, of course we understand very well that the magazine is primarily French, and that Mbappe is the first star of the French national team and the French League at the present time, but this does not justify his presence in the list of candidates, as Mbappe failed to maintain the French League with Paris Saint-Germain and lost the championship to Lille , Although he was the top scorer, as he was the worst star of France in the European Nations Cup, so his presence raises a big question mark.

Third, Neymar da Silva, how can a player who missed most of the season’s matches be in the final list of nominations for the Best in the World award? Is it so extraordinary to be so influential in fewer matches than others who deserved to be present and whose names mysteriously disappeared?

Fourth, and the strangest, Simon Kjeer, why is the Milan defense star here? Is it true that his team played a good season, and that his country presented a good European Nations Cup? But is this enough? Is he there because he is a brave captain who managed to calm down when Christian Eriksen fell on the pitch? I don’t know frankly.

where are they?

Automatically you find your eye asking about some of the names that did not appear on the list, led by Moroccan Ashraf Hakimi, who may have been subjected to the greatest injustice in his career so far.

Hakimi is one of the most important reasons for Inter’s victory in the Italian league and is no less important than Romelu Lukaku, and his record move to Paris Saint-Germain was really deserved, so how can he not even appear in the list of the 30 best players in the world?

Is there anything worse than the absence of Hakimi? Of course, there is Marcos Llorente, who was the second reason behind Atletico Madrid’s victory in the Spanish League. The Real Madrid player was also absent from the list.

There is also someone like Thomas Muller who gave everything he had and won everything with Bayern Munich, but he was not on the list, neither he nor Joshua Kimmich, his Bavarian colleague.

bottom line

There is nothing perfect in life, and even the best, most valuable, and illustrious individual prizes can never be absolutely fair, no matter how many standards are set for them.

The Golden Ball will remain the subject of a lot of controversy over the years, and the talk about preferring some names at the expense of others will not end without clear criteria or with some kind of bias.

But in the end, it will remain the most prestigious award among all individual awards throughout history, and the fans will continue to wait for the winner every season, hoping for a momentary victory to be added to the records of the victories of their teams and national teams.

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