Saber Al-Ribai: My name is “Barakat” .. and my mother was obsessed with the world.. and she did not want me


Tunisian star revealed Saber Al-Roba’e; His real name is Barakat.

Saber Al-Rubai said, during his interview with the “Sira” program broadcast on the dmc satellite channel: “Mama was obsessed with the world, and when she got pregnant in me, she said that she did not want me at all, and I discovered that the fifth child is an increase, and his presence is a moral burden.”

He continued, “It was between me and my brother Murad a year and a few months, and therefore she did not rest… Saber faced a mistake and the mistake must be corrected.”

The artist Saber Al-Rubai explained that his mother, Mrs. Najwa, decided to name him “Barakat”, which means that he is a blessing and contented himself with having children, commenting: “After I grew up and remained a star, she told me that what she fears is better than him.”

He also talked about his upbringing on the voice of Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad and his imitation in reciting the call to prayer.

He continued, “My grandfather, my mother’s father, was a vocalist and muezzin, and my mother had a beautiful voice, and she was the one who taught him to sing.”

He added, “I was singing behind the door out of my shame, and my family was the one who pushed me to sing in front of everyone.”


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