Ronaldo is a red line .. What is the reason for decorating the accounts of some English clubs on Twitter in red?!



Ronaldo is a red line .. What is the reason for decorating the accounts of some English clubs on the site


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A number of English football clubs have published “tweets” accompanied by emojis that are a large number of “red flags”, as part of the “Flash mob” campaign across social media platforms.

The creators of this campaign, who decorated Twitter in red, believe that spreading red flags symbolizes a red line that is wrong to be crossed because it represents a danger, harmful or for some reason.

The Manchester United team accompanied this campaign and published, through its official account on the “Twitter” social networking site, a “tweet” in which it said: “Cristiano is not the greatest ever,” accompanied by a large number of red flags, and the “Red Devils” team may see that the person who thinks so He has crossed the red line.

While the Manchester City team published, through its official account, a “tweet” about its Algerian star, Riyad Mahrez, in which it said: “Riyad @Mahrez22 is not a magician of the Arabs,” attached to red flags, and it seems that City took this idea from its arch-neighbour, Manchester United.

City also published another “tweet” about its Belgian star Kevin De Bruyne, which said: “Kevin De Bruyne is not the best footballer in the league” with red flags as well.

While the official account of the Tottenham team wrote a “tweet” about his South Korean star Heung Min Song, in which he said: “I do not like Heung Min Song.”

While the other London teams, Chelsea, published a controversial “tweet” that said: “I only support London clubs outside the European competition.”

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While other clubs such as Liverpool, Everton, Leicester City and other English Premier League football clubs, “Premier League”, did not keep pace with this campaign.

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